My Dad was a whisky lover, with a conspicuous preference for single malt scotch (he was also fond of martinis and golf (not at the same time), but this Blog isn’t concerned with those interests). I have always enjoyed scotch, but I wasn’t enamoured: Dad tried to explain the flavour profiles and complexities inherent in the different distiller’s expressions, but I was unable to discern the layers of character within the liquid gold.

Saddly, my Dad has passed from this world, but I’ve finally figured out what he was talking about. It’s about the nose. It’s about the mystique. It’s about the hidden treasures within a dram, perhaps only a drop of water away from discovery.  I wish Dad was still around so he could impart the knowledge he gathered in his life and we could investigate the world of whisky together; nevertheless, every time I taste a fine dram I imagine his presence, just behind me, peeking over my shoulder.

I’ve been wooed by the natural charisma of whisky; in particular, single malt scotch, and similar products from Japan, India, and other parts of the world.

My personality drives me to research any interest, so I’m planning to use this Blog as a mnemonic device: anything I learn will be posted about, thereby solidifying the subject matter, as well as providing a handy reference base.

I plan to post about once a week (probably alternating between tasting notes and whisky lore/theory/knowledge); so, if you’re interested, I’d love to have you along for the ride.


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